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350Z Front Fender Vents Louvers

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Upgrade your aesthetic and aero performance with our Nissan 350Z fender vents. Vented fenders increase front tire grip by reducing aerodynamic lift and drag generated at the front tires & inside of the wheel wells. These vents are designed to mount to front fender arches and can be installed with the vent fins facing in or out of the wheel arch. Installation with the fins out is recommended for higher downforce and increased tire clearance during full suspension compression. Installations with vent fins into the wheel arch are recommended for those seeking lower drag and a more subtle appearance.

This product is popular for performance-focused individuals that are building a track car, race car, or drift car. These are also commonly installed with universal fender flares.

The vents can be bent or formed by hand to the desired curvature and will also conform to the curvature of the fenders as they are riveted in place.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Semi-gloss black powder-coat
  • Approximate dimensions:
    • Approximately 3.75" wide x 15.25" long
    • Curved profile shapes to the fender as it is riveted on
  • Designed, manufactured, and coated in the USA
  • Easy DIY Installation

What is Included:

  • 2X fender vents
  • 2X 1:1 scale cutting templates
  • Black anodized aluminum rivets for installation